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Word from Jerusalem 2012

Archive of our Flagship International Publication

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January 2012 - Restoring Hope

The year 2011 was dramatic and extraordinary. One could not help but recall how the prophet Haggai foresaw a time when God would shake everything which can be shaken... Read more (pdf) »

Word from Jerusalem: Revival Springs from Arab Winter
February 2012: Revival from Arab Winter

“God is doing a hidden work in the Arab world. While the days ahead may bring huge challenges for the region...we should also expect to see God moving powerfully among those He is calling.”  Read more (pdf) »

WFJ March 2012 - On the Winning Side
March 2012 - On the Winning Side

Purim reminds us that many evil figures have risen up in the course of history intending to wipe out Israel. Yet God assures us they will not succeed... Read more (pdf) »

WFJ April 2012 - The Power of the Cross
April 2012 - The Power of the Cross

God did not wait for the human race to improve before He decided to offer the incredible redemptive gift of His Son. He did so when we were hopelessly lost and in open rebellion against Him... Read more (pdf) »

WFJ May 2012
May 2012 - Lessons in Falling Away

Bible scholars have long debated what Paul meant when he wrote of a great “falling away” in the last days. But the Church in pre-war Germany provides perhaps one of the clearest historical examples... Read more (pdf) »

WFJ June 2012
June 2012 - Embracing the Call

The annual gathering of the international network of ICEJ national directors took place in May in the beautiful city of Prague, hosted by the Czech Branch of the ICEJ. The four-day conference drew 90 representatives from 35 out the Christian Embassy’s 70 established national branches worldwide.... Read more (pdf) »

WFJ June 2012
July 2012 - Israel & the Spirit of God

The theme for this year’s Feast of Tabernacles celebration is “The Spirit of Grace and Supplication”, which is taken from Zechariah 12:10 and touches upon one of the most exciting, yet unfulfilled promises, for the Jewish people in the Bible. It was the common understanding of the Old Testament prophets that the endtime restoration of Israel would not only be a restoration to their land but also – and more importantly – a return to their God... Read More (pdf) »

August 2012 - Sons of Menasseh Coming Home!

For hundreds of families in northeast India, the news could not have been more exciting! After spending several years in limbo, members of the Bnei Menashe tribe were recently informed that Israeli authorities
are ready to welcome aliyah flights for their community. The first planeload is expected to arrive in Israel by September and the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem will have the privilege of sponsoring this initial flight... Read More (pdf) »

September 2012 - The Prophetic Church

To be alive today and to witness the fulfillment of ancient promises from God is one of the greatest privileges given to our generation! We are indeed a people born into a unique period of salvation history. No generation in Church history was allowed to see the prophetic word of God being fulfilled before their eyes in the manner we are today. Even when Jesus came in human flesh, his prophetic role was seen and understood only by a few... Read More (pdf) »

Secial Issue - Feast Review 2012

Our just completed Feast of Tabernacles celebration was a source of tremendous blessing for thousands of people. If there was one comment which we heard over and over again afterwards, it was that the Feast enjoyed an extraordinary sense of the presence of God this year... Read More (pdf) »

December 2012 - Housing Holocaust Survivors

Just a few days ago I was standing at the graveside of my father Albert Bühler, who went to be with the Lord. He was a great man of God and a great father. In this issue is a tribute to him which tells of how his life was spared by two Jewish men and how he came to know Jesus while held in a Russian prisoner of war camp at the end of the Second World War... Read More (pdf) »


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