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Experience Israel from a Biblical Perspective

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Israel Sukkot 2020 ICEJ
Baruch Ha’Bah Tour
(Blessed is the one who comes)

Join us, as we go up to Jerusalem, the City of our King, to worship the King of Kings!

Draft Itinerary Sep/Oct 2020:

30th Wed Day 0 – Make sure we are all in Johannesburg the day before we leave.

1st Fri Day 1 – Arrive at Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv at 4.00am.Go for coffee & pastry breakfast in Tel Aviv.  On the way visit a kibbutz near Gaza border if safe, then visit the Fountain of Tears  sculpture centre and then enjoy a bedouin luch experience.  Check in to the amazing David Dead Sea.  Float in the Dead Sea. 



2nd Fri Day 2 – Check out.  Visit to Masada where King Herod built an impressive fortress and where Eleazar led the last Jews in the revolt against the Romans. Join the ICEJ for their desert Feast of Tabernacles celebrations at Ein Gedi. Drive up to Jerusalem for a late check in at the Ramada Hotel.


3td Sat Day 3 – Visit the great Shull.  Visit the Garden of Gethsemane. View the Eastern gate through  which Messiah will walk. Christ Church and visit the old city. Caiaphas house. Attend the evening Parade of the Nations event at the ICEJ celebration.


4th Sun Day 4 – Worship at Sukkat Hallal 24hr praise centre and then drive to Shiloh (Site of where Joshua set up 1st Tent of Meeting in Israel and where Samuel prophesied and judged Israel).   Visit Yad Vashem Holocaust Centre. Free evening (Enjoy a coffee on Ben Yehuda street).

5th Mon Day 5 – Morning sessions at the ICEJ. Supper at  hotel.  Attend the evening sessions of the ICEJ.

6th Tue Day 6 – Time off in Jerusalem to visit/shop Lunch at the renowned Shuk (market) off Ben   Yehuda.  Meet rest of the South Africans to walk together in the Jerusalem March, hotel for supper. Free evening (Enjoy a coffee on Ben Yehuda street).

7th Tue Day 7 – Jerusalem

8th Fri Day 8 – Check out of the Ramada hotel.  Go to the Garden Tomb where we have a special time  of communion with the group. Visit the City of David and the Western Wall.  Stand on the Mt of olives from where Yeshua ascended and to which he will return.   



9th Sat Day 9 – Go to Elrom where the battle referred to as the Valley of Tears took place.  Then on to Merom Golan to see the viewpoint into Syria.  Sail on a Jesus boat on the Sea of Galilee and  have worship time on the boat.   Get to airport by 8pm for early checkin.Drive to the sea of Galilee to visit the  ancient synagogue at Capernaum and Mt of Beatitudes where we meditate on these profound teachings of Yeshua/Jesus.  Overnight in northern Galilee on the Nuriel Fruit & Guest House.

10th Sat Day 10 – Drive down along the Mediterranean coast to join a Messianic congregation on Mt Carmel for their worship service.  Visit Mt Carmel where Elijah challenged the false prophets of Baal.  Say farewell on Tel Aviv beach/Jaffa.

11th Sun Day 11 – Fly at 1am in the morning – arrive in Johannesburg at 1.05pm

30 September 2020 to 10 October 2020

Price to be determined (at R 15 / US$) – Including the ICEJ Feast Registration for the events we are attending as well as tickets to the Daniel Production

Includes: 10 day tour in Israel, transport on luxury air conditioned bus, professional Israeli tour guide, tips, site visits and entrance fees. 9 nights of accommodation (on twin share basis), breakfast and dinners.

The schedule is subject to change.  Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be broken.

Join us each year to go up to Jerusalem to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles with thousands of Christians from around the world.

For details of an organised group tour to the Feast, contact the ICEJ South Africa office at Tel: +27 21 879 1788/ email for a brochure.



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