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What happened at the Feast this year?

A little taste of what God did at the Feast 2018

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16 Nov 2018
What happened at the Feast this year?

The Feast of Tabernacles is a time to celebrate and give thanks for the harvest. But it is also a time to look back. We just finished yet another amazing Feast and we would like to share some of the moments, we look back at with joy, and which continue to fuel our excitement in God. Our hope and desire is for you to join us anew, or for the first time, in 2019.

Spiritual Wellspring at the Shores of the Dead Sea
Whether you are a Feast veteran or a brand-new arrival in Israel, Ein Gedi is the place to be the first night of the Feast of Tabernacles. The excitement, expectations and blessing that is part of this modern-day classic is unrivalled. Every year we gather together during the beginning of the Feast of Tabernacles in the desert at Ein Gedi to share a meal together, to pray and worship God. The Exodus story comes alive for us and helps us imagine what it was like to be camped in the wilderness. 

Catching Dreams at the Empty Tomb
Hervé Datro of the Ivory Coast stirred the crowd, stating, “Our big dream is of Heaven, not of earth. (…) Without Jesus your dream cannot be accomplished.” Echoing Pastor Khoury’s purposeful declaration of the “God who keeps His covenant with Israel,” Datro pointed out the debt Christians owe the Jewish nation: “I dream of Heaven. I dream of the restoration of the House of David (…) I am because Israel was.” In the second service he was followed by Juha Ketola, who boldly declared, “Because I want to live for the Glory of Jesus,” and who went on to achieve a combination of joyous excitement and humble contemplation as he underscored the choice between living a life in the flesh or in the Spirit. 

A Breakthrough Year for Israel - Evening Celebrations
Anointed speakers and performers from Israel and around the world set the tone for festive and insightful nights at the Pais Arena in Jerusalem. On the performance side, the audience saw and heard the powerful pulses of Eddie James’ young performers, who drew energy from the powerful Bible scriptures they declared with determination for the promises about Israel.

Hebrew sound waves by Shiloh Ben Hod and Jamie Hilsden’s Miqedem added contemporary Israeli music solidly planted in Scripture – providing a musical experience with a distinct Israeli flavour, praising God in the language of scripture. Insistent and powerful, Miqedem’s tunes unleashed the deep wellspring of joy and victory. 

Sarah Liberman delivered an equally crowd-rousing performance with quiet heartfelt testimonies and prayers in between songs, “He is the source, He is the vision, He is not only that, He is the God of miracles” inviting the crowd to join in the song. 

The smooth jazzy sounds of Togo’s French-speaking worship team got the audience going in a different groove. The Togolese group did so well that the audience joined them by dancing onto the stage with their national flags.

A vocal ensemble from Taiwan stepped onto the stage with great joy and pride, singing “Zai Jhe li" (The spirit of God is here). They sang in Mandarin with grace and unmitigated joy, lending a unique Asian voice to the many international contributions at the Feast.

Do not Limit the Holy One of Israel

Pastor Adeboye testified about his journey of faith and dreaming with God, and said, “You know your dream is from God when people laugh at you. And then you can tell them, just wait and see.” He confidently and humbly stated that, "God is not a joker. Whatever God says He will do...He will do!" 

The Wisdom From the East

Preaching the connection between receiving glory from God and unity in the Body of Christ and with God, Nathaniel Chow shared about his unique and ongoing journey to learn more about God’s glory. This journey was impacted significantly by his first visit to Jerusalem 17 years prior. He finished with a call for spiritual unity in Christ to transcend political differences between Chinese groups and between what he labelled “chopstick” and “fork” nations. The evening ended in a final Ruth salutation, “Your God is my God – your people shall be my people.” 

A Preview of Prophecy – the 2018 Jerusalem March

Imagine an Orthodox Jewish family from Herzliya, a city on Israel’s Mediterranean coast, spending the holiday of Sukkot in Jerusalem for the first time. Then imagine that family seeing a multitude of Christians joining an Israeli parade. Add to this the Christians singing about their love for Israel as many of them joyously dance in the streets. Well, you might guess that the family from Herzliya would be visibly excited and moved by the annual spectacle known as the Jerusalem March, and indeed they were, as were thousands more. 

Prayer at the Tower of David

The unleashing of the freedom of the Holy Spirit was declared and felt on this morning as Eddie James and a Fijian mother prayed over the young generation to be set free from drug addiction and the hold of the enemy. The end of the meeting concluded with shouts of “BREAKTHROUGH” resounding from the mouths of all of the pilgrims that came to the Feast of Tabernacles. Many left the Old City changed, revived, and excited for the God of Israel to breakthrough in their lives, families, and nations!

Feast 2018 was filled with new experiences, fresh spiritual input, an outpouring of blessing in healing, and dreams coming alive again.

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