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Posted on: 
11 Sep 2019
Sweden & Bolivia

Fresh wind for ICEJ in Sweden

By: Camille Troc

Recently, ICEJ VP and Senior Spokesman David Parsons travelled to Stockholm to assist ICEJ-Sweden’s new national director, Gitten Öholm, in her efforts to revitalize our branch there. David and Gitten first held meetings with Israeli Ambassador Ilan Ben-Dov, as well as five members of the Swedish parliament, before recording several TV shows with Anders Wisth, manager of TBN Nordic, on the prophetic fate of Jerusalem. He also spoke at the branches’ annual national conference and preached in several churches. David reports that while Sweden is considered very secular, there is a strong remnant of Christians there who stand for biblical morals and for Israel. Meantime, Gitten is a well-known pro-Israel voice and has the backing of the veteran ICEJ supporters there to press ahead with taking the branch to new levels.



Bolivia blessing Israel ‘year round’
By: ICEJ Staff

In August, thousands of Bolivian Christians gathered in Santa Cruz for an annual gathering convened by Apostle Alberto Magno, ICEJ-Bolivia national director, to proclaim their faith in Jesus and demonstrate support for Israel.

Apostle Alberto oversees the First Evangelical Baptist Church, a nationwide network of churches with over 50,000 members. Their annual congress seeks to have a positive spiritual impact on every sphere of life in Bolivia – including family, government and culture – and to express Christian solidarity with Israel. After several days of solid Bible teachings and inspiring worship, the conference was capped by a march through the streets of Santa Cruz by over 15,000 Bolivian Christians, who boldly declared their love for Christ and their stand for Israel.

Among the guest speakers and worship leaders invited to the gathering were Apostle Renê Terra Nova, national director of ICEJ-Brazil; Dorothy Bedford of the Feast worship team; Tiffany Mallillin of our Jerusalem staff; and the ICEJ’s Spanish-language coordinator Claudia Fierro. The audience was deeply touched as Claudia described first-hand how their support of the ICEJ was ministering to the needs of Holocaust survivors, new Jewish immigrants, farmers suffering from arsonists along the Gaza border, and many other Israelis.

“This congress was much bigger than what we could have imagined”, Claudia said. “Bolivia is usually our biggest Spanish-speaking delegation at the Feast, and also our largest and most faithful donor nation in Latin America. And it is because Apostle Alberto and his team work very hard all year round to be able to bless Israel the way they do.”

“Being here has allowed me to understand that this love for Israel is almost supernatural”, she added. “It is only possible if God puts it in their heart. And they accomplish all this despite Bolivia still being a developing country and having an anti-Christian and anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian government.”

Apostle Alberto insists that since he started to take Bolivian pilgrims to the Feast of Tabernacles in 1989, and to bring generous donations from his followers to the ICEJ in Jerusalem, his churches have multiplied – not only in terms of new members but financial prosperity as well.


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