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Stories and Dreams at the Feast!

Young and old dared to dream at this year's Feast!

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16 Nov 2018
Stories and Dreams at the Feast!

Before penning the account of this year’s Feast – Dare to Dream – we asked ourselves which stories to tell? This Feast we wanted to tell the story of dreams new and old. Old dreams are just as vital as new ones. Dreams are only old because we deem them so. God can renew them or bring them to pass in the twinkling of an eye.

Prophecy is akin to sharing God’s dreams before they become fact. It is marvellous that our Lord creates through His Word. He speaks, and it is so. We latch on to the dream by believing the God-given vision, eagerly waiting and reminding God of its fruition. Dreams without God are powerless visions that remain hapless reveries. Dreaming with God is anticipating and building the future reality.

Looking back at the Feast of 2018, we also ask ourselves which experiences and newly gained insights we want to share? This Feast, we were enriched by an all-star line-up of speakers from many nations and blessed by talented and anointed worship leaders. They taught us about Israel and were conduits for experiencing God’s heart and will for our lives. Most importantly, the pilgrims brought a desire to honour and worship the great King in His own city, Jerusalem, along with a fervent love for God’s chosen people.

In the next pages, we invite you to join us in reliving the best moments of the 2018 Feast – Dare to Dream. We begin with a bouquet of hopes, aspirations and dreams from the Feast pilgrims themselves:

Kenneth – (14 years old, Israel) “My dream is to be a drummer in Hillsong and to study Palaeontology.”

Judith (Holocaust Survivor) – “My dream for Israel is peace. That’s all we need. My dream for me is to live a few more years. But my main dreams are for my family. I have three children, eight grandchildren, and nine great grandchildren. I want a good future for all of them.”

Antonietta Evangelisti – Italy – “My dream is to serve the Lord and spread the gospel.”

Israeli bystander at the Jerusalem March – “My dream is the Messiah. He will bring world peace and peace in Jerusalem.”

Chai Chen – Thailand – “I am an interior designer in Thailand and it's my dream to build churches around the world and design them.”

Lesivou Bulabalavu – Cook Islands – “I have a dream of getting closer to God and strengthening my relationship with Him.”

Adam Gabelli - (Canada) “I had a broken dream, one that I never thought could come true, but this trip is a fulfilment of that dream. To worship the Lord with the nations in the land that I love, once again.”

Rebecca from Pennsylvania – “My dream has come true! The Lord brought me out of prostitution and addiction and has given me the ability to go back to rescue more people just like me. He left the 99 for the one, so I need to continue to go back for the one. He allowed me to rescue 10,000 and my dream is to create more homes for more people.”

Three women from Zimbabwe – “Our dream is that the Lord will bring a Godly government to Zimbabwe and that he will download a burden for Israel in us to take back to our nation. He is coming soon and we want Zimbabwe to be blessed. We want to have an Embassy of Zimbabwe in Jerusalem!”

Dreams from the little kids at the Feast's AJ’s Club - 

“Hmm. I have many! I want to go to the zoo and to America. I have never been and I would love to fly.”

“I want to be a doctor, because I don’t want people to cough and be sick. I like reading and doctors read a lot.” 

Just like all of these children of God, both young and old, dared to dream with God, we encourage you to take time to dare to dream with the God of Israel today!


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