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A Preview of Prophecy

2018 Jerusalem March

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27 Sep 2018
A Preview of Prophecy

A Preview of Prophecy – the 2018 Jerusalem March

Imagine a Jewish family from Herzliya, a city on Israel’s Mediterranean coast, spending the holiday of Sukkot in Jerusalem for the first time. Then imagine that family seeing a multitude of Christians joining an Israeli parade. Add to this the Christians singing about their love for Israel as many of them joyously dance in the streets. Well, you might guess that the family from Herzliya would be visibly excited and moved by the annual spectacle known as the Jerusalem March, and indeed they were, as were thousands more.

A Valued Family Tradition

For other Israelis, the annual parade has become a valued family tradition, and we met several large families of Jews from all walks of life and all parts of Israel cheering the march on, collecting bouquets of miniature flags handed out by the Feast Pilgrims. We asked one Israeli dad what he thought about the internationals participating in the Jerusalem March, and a matter-of-fact patriotic answer came across his lips, “Israel does good for all the world, so all the world should show its love for Israel.” When prompted about her reaction to this surprising phenomenon of people from another religion celebrating Israel and Jerusalem, an Orthodox mother said, “No, it’s not strange. Jerusalem is the Holy City!”

The Perfect Antidote

The most uplifting response came from a family father, who immigrated to Israel from abroad. He stated that this outpouring of affection is a “good antidote” to the negative attitudes that he had to live with abroad. This year is his fifth time at the march, which he sees it as a preview of Zechariah’s prophecy fulfilled. 


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