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ICEJ in Tanzania & Finland

January/February 2020 WFJ Article

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15 Jan 2020
ICEJ in Tanzania & Finland

New Favor for Israel in Tanzania

On a two-week speaking tour in East Africa, ICEJ Vice President David Parsons was received by the President of Tanzania, the honorable John Pombe Magufuli, in his hometown of Chato, on Lake Victoria.

Parsons thanked President Magufuli for restoring his nation’s relations with Israel and for voting with Israel more at the United Nations. He also directed the President’s attention to Isaiah 60:10 and encouraged him to show additional favor to Israel by moving Tanzania’s new embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, adding that the Lord was promising “ten years of the fatted calf” if he would do so.

President Magufuli thanked Rev. Parsons for his visit to his country and hometown, gave a personal offering for Israel to the ICEJ, and asked Parsons to pray for his elderly mother Susanna (pictured in wheelchair).

ICEJ-Finland blesses Israel once again

Throughout the years, ICEJ-Finland has played a key role in ICEJ’s Aliyah efforts, and at ICEJ’s recent conference, in Oulu, Northern Finland, this country blessed Israel in a new way: Through music!

At this conference near the Arctic Circle, co-producers Pekka Simojokki and Vesna Bühler launched “Nordic Praise”, their latest Hebrew worship CD, as a special gift from ICEJ-Finland to bless believers in Israel.

Pekka, one of Finland’s most popular worship leaders, has been writing, composing and producing Gospel songs for over 30 years. “Nordic Praise” was originally translated and produced in many languages including English, Arabic, Persian, and Russian, but his dream was to finally produce it in Hebrew to bless believers in Israel.

Led by ICEJ-Finland and National Director, Jani Salokangas, Finnish believers supported this vision, praying for years and raising financial support for the Hebrew production.

This new CD will soon be available through


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