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ICEJ Meets Investors at OurCrowd Summit

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29 May 2019
ICEJ Meets Investors at OurCrowd Summit

The ICEJ was thrilled to take part in the 2019 OurCrowd Summit in Jerusalem for the second year in a row, our first with a promotional booth. OurCrowd founder Jon Medved launched the summit to showcase the latest advances in Israel’s hi-tech industry and to encourage direct foreign investment in Israeli start-ups. Medved urges his investors to give 10% of their exit profit to a charity of their choosing. The ICEJ qualified as one of these charities within the Land of Israel and was able to share some of the life-changing work being done by the donations of Christians all over the country. The ICEJ staff serving at our booth made numerous new connections among the over 18,000 business people from all over the world attending the summit. We were blessed to be the only Christian charitable organisation represented at the summit. The ICEJ team shared the heart and vision of our ministry and watched as people from every sphere of business were impacted upon hearing about our biblical mandate in Israel and worldwide. We look forward to seeing what develops from these new connections in 2019 and beyond!


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