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ICEJ challenging UN abuse of Israel


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29 May 2019
ICEJ challenging UN abuse of Israel

The United Nations has a long record of abusing Israel, and this happened again recently when the UN Human Rights Council passed five resolutions condemning the Jewish state on various trumped-up charges. Yet there are positive signs that key Western democracies are starting to challenge this deplorable UN fixation with Israel, and the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem is reaching out to them to encourage this shift in attitude towards Israel.

In March, the UNHRC vilified Israel for daring to defend its citizens from violence and terror. It also wrongly described as “peaceful” the Gaza border protests of the past year. Emboldened by the friendly message coming from Geneva, Hamas immediately stepped up the violent protests and launched rockets deeper into Israel.

It has become far too easy for the Palestinians to manipulate UN forums to go along with their agenda, which aims to deny Israel its right of self-defence and ultimately its right to exist. Yet thankfully, some moral, sane countries are waking up to this twisted reality, and decided not to support any resolutions submitted under Agenda Item 7, the UNHRC’s annual session which permanently singles out Israel for abuse. They realise this undermines the cause of peace and the credibility of the UN.

The next big test at the UNHRC will be over its plans to publish a blacklist of companies doing business in Israeli settlements. The HRC was founded to deal with human rights violations by sovereign states, so this would mark the first time it has sought to sanction private actors. By singling out Israel, it is also violating its mandate to protect human rights on a universal basis “for all people”.

In response, the Christian Embassy has written to the heads of the UNHRC and also activated our national branches in key member states of the Council to press for a halt to this UN blacklisting effort. We are approaching officials in Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Fiji, Hungary, Italy, Philippines, Slovakia, South Africa and Ukraine. We are hopeful these democratic nations will persuade the Human Rights Council to abandon this misguided anti-Israel initiative.


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