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Envision 2018

Ambassadors of God’s Plans for Israel and the Church

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9 Feb 2018
Envision 2018

(Yehuda Glick, MK, addressing Christian pastors and leaders at the Knesset.)

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Gathering its largest contingent ever of 160 pastors and church leaders from around the globe, the 2018 ICEJ Envision conference in Jerusalem was exceptionally more than we asked or imagined! God moved powerfully in the hearts of these pastors and leaders throughout all of the seminars, times of worship, excursions throughout Jerusalem and Israel, and even through conversations just over a cup of coffee. Here is a snapshot of what God did throughout this four-day conference. (To purchase audio recordings of Envision 2018, please visit:

The first full day of the Envision Conference kicked off with worship led by Steve Carpenter, followed by seminars by ICEJ senior leadership, and pastors and leaders from the Middle East. Calev Myers, a lawyer and founder of Jerusalem Institute of Justice, spoke about ways to overcome Boycott Divest Sanction (BDS). Calev explained to the influential leaders in the room, “You can be powerful ambassadors to help create a more balanced picture of Israel!” He encouraged all to purposefully purchase Israeli products and services to support and stand with Israel. 

Lovers of Jesus

The morning concluded with a faith-inspiring session led by Fabian Grech testifying of the powerful move of God in the hearts of Muslims. Many are going to churches to be baptized and hungry to read the Bible. He encouraged all to pray for the believers in the Middle East to continue in the strength and grace of Jesus to share the gospel and make disciples among Muslims. With great passion, Fabian continued by saying that the key to sharing the good news of Jesus is to love Jesus first and foremost. “Our first priority is to be lovers of Jesus! Our Father is a God of love, not a God of fear, so the more we gaze at Him the more we will become like him.” Fabian finished with a powerful prayer saying, “Father, thank you that in the midst of darkness your name is becoming famous!”

Continuing on into the next day, Ingolf Elsell also emphasized the first importance of being lovers of Jesus. He explained, “You can’t fall in love through study only. You need revelation. This goes for both the gospel and for Israel… You have to step away from your own guidance to let God’s guidance take over.” Later that evening, Steve Carpenter and his family led us into a beautiful time of worship, and shortly afterward they showed a documentary film about Ya’akov (Jacob) Damkani, who is a local Messianic Jewish leader. The evening continued with a message from Pastor Peter Tsukahira, who is the lead pastor at Carmel Assembly in Haifa. He explained, “Eventually, the Gospel will go so far west that it will make its way back to Jerusalem, where it all began 2,000 years ago.” Above all, Peter concluded that Believers need to keep their eyes focused on God and what He’s doing!

(Christian pastors and leaders from all around the world in the Knesset building.)

Get the Word out About Israel

A wonderful and unique aspect about the Envision Conference is that it incorporates excursions around Jerusalem and Israel. One of the special excursions was to the Knesset where the pastors and leaders were able to hear from Members of Knesset who are members of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus. One of the speakers was MK Yehuda Glick, who welcomed his guests and delivered a stirring speech appointing them to be “goodwill ambassadors for Israel” in their home churches and communities. He wholeheartedly concluded, “Now it’s up to us to get the word out and tell people about what God is doing in Israel and the world!”

(The old city of Shiloh with the spiral building that holds a museum and a small theater.)

Adventuring through Judea and Samaria to Shiloh

The last but definitely not the least day of the conference began with an adventurous bus excursion through the mountains of Judea and Samaria to the old city of Shiloh. As the wind picked up and the rain drizzled down, we moved inside to watch a film that began with the lights dimmed, allowing the translucent screen to reveal the majestic hills of Samaria in the background. The film portrayed the history of Israel from Moses leading the Israelites up out of Egypt, to Joshua leading them into the promised land, to the Philistines attacking and destroying Shiloh, to Hannah praying for a son and having Samuel, and finally to the Tabernacle of God moving from Shiloh to Jerusalem. Today, the biblically rich city of Shiloh attracts thousands of visitors each year, many of whom come to pray for a child and hundreds have had their prayers answered just like Hannah.

The excursion in Samaria ended with a short visit at the Shomron Regional Council Memorial. The Mayor greeted all of the Christian leaders and pastors by saying, “Thank you for standing with us so that we are not alone. Thank you to Jürgen Bühler, Barry, and all of the leaders that have helped us build Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem! We are strong because you support us. Take this mission and share it with your people in your country. Share what happens here in the land. Our biggest enemy is ignorance.”

From the rainy and beautiful hills of Samaria to a warm and classy hotel, the pastors, leaders, and ICEJ staff members from all around the world concluded the Envision conference with a delightful banquet! Throughout the meal, many speakers shared messages that have been deeply impressed upon their hearts about God and Israel.

All for Him

Amazingly, Yehuda Glick (MK), not only spoke at the Knesset, but he also personally came to the last night of the conference, even after losing his wife only a few weeks prior. Taking the stage, a round of applause filled the house for Yehuda, and his first words were, “That applause was not for me, it was all for Him” (pointing up towards God). He expressed his gratitude to Christians partnering with Israel, and also spoke directly to the pastors and leaders, saying, “You cannot return to your country the way you came here 5 days ago. You are new people. Thank you so much for your support for Israel, and for your prayers for Israel.”

(Worship lead by Steve Carpenter, while Peter Tsukahira leads these pastors and leaders into a time of prayer.)

With no better way to conclude this year’s exceptional Envision conference, worship and praise to God filled the banquet room. Hands were raised, mouths were singing praises to our God, and hugs were exchanged between these Christian pastors and leaders from all around the world. Many lives and hearts were changed through their time together here in Israel. We give God all the glory and honor, and we look forward to what He will do next year. For more information about Envision 2019, please visit:

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