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Celebrating cultural diversity at the ICEJ Headquarters!

March/April 2020 WFJ Article

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19 Mar 2020
Celebrating cultural diversity at the ICEJ Headquarters!

Well-known as an international organization, the ICEJ reaches hundreds of nations worldwide. The staff at our Jerusalem head office represents 16 nations on six continents! The Embassy acknowledges culture as a precious gift from God and decided to launch a new series of “Culture Nights” for our Jerusalem staff, with the aim of celebrating this diversity and honoring cultural background. Once a month, one country or region is highlighted, giving the staff an amazing opportunity to share about their heritage, their national history and their personal stories. These fun and educational evenings are a great way to strengthen cultural understanding and friendship among all ICEJ staff members.

In January, the spotlights were on the islands and more specifically on Fiji, the Philippines, Mauritius and Vanuatu! In just a matter of minutes, our four island girls took the staff on a trip to the hot southern hemisphere and proudly introduced them to their traditional costumes, their exotic food and drinks, and their very festive dances and songs. In a room fully decorated with flowers and fresh fruits, the evening was punctuated with several games relating to their islands, a limbo and a very challenging food contest which may have upset a few stomachs! This colorful evening was wrapped up with a prize for the best male and female costumes and an island worship song giving thanks to the Lord. 

We are already looking forward to celebrating another culture next month!


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