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Bnei Menashe Stuck in Transit to Israel Need our Help!

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4 Jun 2021
Bnei Menashe Stuck in Transit to Israel Need our Help!

With India currently suffering from a major surge in coronavirus deaths and infections, the Israeli government recently decided to speed up the Aliyah process for 548 members of the Bnei Menashe community in northeast India who had already been approved for immigration later this year. A special charter flight was arranged by The Jewish Agency for Israel and Shavei Israel to bring the first half of the group in an emergency airlift last Monday, with the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem sponsoring flights for 99 of the 275 new immigrants expected on board.

The group had left their home villages in northeast India over a week ago for the long bus ride to a regional airport and from there to connect with their specially chartered flight to Israel. But right before they were to depart on the plane from New Dehli, a number of the group tested positive for COVID-19 and they had to stay behind with their families. Thankfully, the remaining 160 members of this Aliyah flight tested negative and were able to arrive in Tel Aviv on Monday. But the 115 who were left behind are now quarantined in a hotel back in India, with several hospitalized due to their worsening condition. They all need to be housed, fed and cared for over the next few weeks until they recover and can make the final leg of their journey to Israel.

These precious members of Bnei Menashe community, who claim descent from the Israelite tribe of Manasseh, were extremely excited about finally ending their 27 centuries of exile and separation from the Land and people of Israel. They also were anxious to reach the safety of Israel, which has been emerging out of the corona crisis.

To make this journey, they had sold their homes and businesses, left behind most of their possessions, and set off for their ancestral homeland. But suddenly, corona caught up with some in the group and they and their families are now in desperate straits with no means to take care of themselves. They are totally dependent on someone coming to help them endure the difficult days ahead until they make it home to Israel.

The Jewish Agency and others involved in planning this urgent airlift had not budgeted for this sudden emergency, and now they are looking to Christians to help cover the added expenses of housing, feeding and caring for these families during their long layover and then arranging a new chartered flight to bring them home at last.

What a shock to be finally heading home to reunite with the land and people of Israel, only to be waylaid by corona along the way! May we all open our hearts to their dire plight at this moment.

The ICEJ has decided to step in and cover as much of these urgent expenses as we can, but we need your help. Please give generously as we come forward to provide for these Bnei Menashe families stuck in New Dehli and help them to finally reach the Promised Land.



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