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‘Africa wants renewed ties more than Israel realizes’

Chance to break Arab/Islamic grip on regional voting blocs at UN

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18 Oct 2016
‘Africa wants renewed ties more than Israel realizes’

In late September, Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a shocking message at the United Nations Opening Assembly: “Israel has a bright future at the UN.” Indeed, the world body has been bullying Israel for decades, yet he now has reason to believe things are changing. As an example Netanyahu cited his recent visit to East Africa, where he was warmly welcomed by six national leaders and large crowds of admirers. Netanyahu also held a side summit at the UN with leaders from fifteen African nations. So the Israeli government is aware that an opportunity exists right now to strengthen relations with Africa.

However, Israeli leaders may not fully realize yet just how eager many African countries are to restore and expand their historic ties to Israel. The truth is that some African capitals have been signaling this desire to Israeli officials for several years now and are actually frustrated that Jerusalem has not responded faster. This opportunity for a diplomatic breakthrough is huge and must be pursued, as it even could spell the break-up of the Arab/Islamic monopoly over regional voting blocs at the UN – meaning no more UNESCO fiascos in future.

Over recent years, senior leaders of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem have visited more than a dozen nations all across Africa and discovered that the continent is anxious for deeper relations with Israel. Even leaders of Muslim-majority African nations have expressed their strong interest in restoring relations with the Jewish state – a message we have faithfully conveyed to Israeli officials. Come hear firsthand reports on Africa’s current move to open a whole new chapter with Israel, featuring ICEJ leaders and African officials.

EVENT:   Feast 2016 Press Conference

DATE:      Wednesday, 19 October 2016

TIME:      12:30 PM

PLACE:     Jerusalem Payis Arena – VIP Reception Room

ENTRY:     Via the VIP entrance at street level, beside Arena ticket office


PRESS CONFERENCE Featured Speakers:

Dr. Jürgen Bühler, ICEJ Executive Director

Rev. Juha Ketola, ICEJ International Director

Minister Joel Nguessan, Spokesperson for the President of the Ivory Coast


The ICEJ’s 37th annual Feast of Tabernacles celebration in Jerusalem has drawn over 5,000 Christians from more than 90 countries to Israel this year, including some 35 pro-Israel Christian parliamentarians and senior government officials from over 20 nations.

For more information, contact: David Parsons, ICEJ Media Director
Cell: 052-381-6214; E-mail:


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