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Israeli Intelligence Chief accuses US of \'dragging its feet\' on Iran

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Iran remains determined to continue its secret bid to develop a nuclear bomb, posing a real threat to both Israel and the West, Israeli Military Intelligence Chief Aharon Ze'evi told Knesset Members on Tuesday, accusing the the United States of "dragging its feet" in dealing with the situation. 

Nevertheless Ze'evi - making his last appearance before the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee - admitted that concerned international pressure has succeeded in delaying the Islamic state's nuclear development plan by two years.

More concerning for Israel, however, was Ze'evi's confirmation that Iran had recently received several long-range cruise missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads up to 3,000 kilometers. 18 such missiles were transported from Ukraine to Russia, Ze'evi added, but 12 ended up in Iranian hands and the other six in China.

According to recent intelligence reports published in the German press last week Iran's President Ahmadinejad wants to have the range of the missiles extended upwards of 3,500 kilometers.

"With a longer range, and the probability that (Tehran) would try to equip the missiles with nuclear warheads, there is the risk that Iran could strike at Israel and parts of central Europe," the German intelligence briefing stated.

Meanwhile, in a growing sign of President Ahmadinejad's desire to return Iran to the hard-line Islamic values of the 1979 Khomeini revolution, he has banned all Western music, including classical music, on Iranian state broadcast outlets and has dramatically escalated the Republic's militant anti-Israel rhetoric.


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