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Doctor admits, \'He\'s used to hard work\'

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A pale but smiling Ariel Sharon was released from Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem on Tuesday, after suffering a mild stroke on Sunday night that temporarily made it difficult for him to speak but apparently caused no permanent damage, his doctors said Monday. 

"The problem was very small, not neurological or cognitive problems, but limited to speech. I can say confidently that the stroke will leave no damage or residual effects," said Tamir Ben-Hur, the prime minister's neurologist, according to the Washington Post.

The 77-year-old premier, shaking hands with his doctors, thanked hospital staff for their "dedicated treatment." He also thanked citizens, saying he "was touched by concern Israelis have shown over my health." Pledging to return to his work, aides to Sharon said he would take it easy for the next few days before resuming his usual grueling schedule.

"I want him to rest in the coming days, but he is used to hard work so you can't compare him to anyone else." Ben-Hur said. " I think after he rests he will be able to return to normal activity."


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