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Haifa Home Project Upgrade!

International Christian Volunteers Serving Holocaust Survivors!

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What is Haifa Home Project Upgrade? It is a very exciting new project that was launched in 2018 to expand and renovate the Haifa Home for Holocaust Survivors!

In one year, we have received over 30 short-term volunteers from all around the world. Most of which were handymen, who served gave of their time and skills to help repair many of the residents apartments.

Meanwhile, an architect is drafting plans for a new building which will house Holocaust survivors who are in need of full-time care, which also opens up more space for more residents to join the Haifa Home community. Once the permits are received, construction will start on the new building and the Haifa Home will be even better equipped to care for its residents for the rest of their days.

Watch this video about the Haifa Home Project Upgrade, and bless Israel by supporting these beloved Holocaust Survivors today!



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